Witness The Traditional Festival on Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo is filled with historical value. The story begins during the Majapahit Empire era. At that time, occurred a massive attack that caused the people to be driven away from their hometown. As a result, they later fled to two places. Those places are the one on the island of Bali, and the other is the slope of Mount Bromo. This is the origin of what later became the embraced religion by people from both places. The name Tengger as in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park where Mount Bromo lies is originated from the folklore of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. Teng is the name suffix of Roro Anteng while ger is the name suffix of Joko Seger. Mount Bromo is considered as the sacred mountain. Hindu people called the bluff Mount Brahma, while the Javanese named it Mount Bromo.

If you are on a Mount Bromo Tour, you will probably hear the story of the traditional festival on Mount Bromo. Yes, Mount Bromo is also known for its traditional festival that is held annually in December or January. The Tengger people that live around Mount Bromo always hold the annual festival. When the event begins, many tourists both local and international tourists flock to Mount Bromo. On the 14th day of the Yadnya Kasada festival, the natives will bring many offerings such as livestock, vegetables, fruits, and other stuff up to the Bromo crater as a symbol of gratitude towards the gods. Every time the festival is held, Mount Bromo is never empty of tourists.

Mount Bromo also has a vast sea of sand surrounding it. If you are on a Mount Bromo tour, you might visit a Hindu temple called Putra Mulia Poten. This temple holds a significant meaning for the people of Tengger that spread in several villages such as Argosari, Ngadisari, Ngadas, Wonokitri, Ranu Prani, Ledok Ombo, and Wonokerso. The temple is the first place during the annual Yadnya Kesada festival. On the 14th day, the people of Tengger will gather in the temple to ask for blessings from Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa.

Witnessing such a traditional ceremony, for some people, is another point of interest to visit Mount Bromo. During the time of the festival in December or January, many tourists visit Mount Bromo only for witnessing the Yadnya Kesada festival. It will be something to remember — a grand celebration on a beautiful mountain.

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