Several Things You Need to Prepare Before Going to Mount Bromo Tour

There are many people who are going to mount Bromo. It is very popular among travelers. Before, you need to make a plan. Actually, there are several things you need to prepare before going to mount Bromo tour. Everything needs preparation. You may prepare anything that you want and bring anything. But remember, what you need to do is bring what you need not to bring what you want.

According to that principle, the following things you need to bring are:

  1. Jacket
    Unlike any mountain in Indonesia, Bromo is cold. Thus, to survive, you need to use your jacket. You can choose the one that suits you. A good jacket is the one which can restrain the cold. Do not choose the thin jacket since it can risk your health.
  2. Flashlight
    While doing the mount Bromo tour, you need to bring a flashlight. The flashlight can light your way to the peak of the Bromo mountain. You cannot leave your flashlight at home since the mount Bromo tour needs you to spend the night at the tent. If you do not bring your flashlight, you will get the difficulties to see the way at night. Not only the flashlight actually, but you can also make a campfire at night so you can see the area around your tend.
  3. Tent
    You need to bring a tent also. This is important since you need to rest. You can sleep and change your clothes in the tent. Well, you can build a tent with your friends.
  4. Food
    Food is the best rescuer. You will be hungry in the middle of the journey. You need to eat to boost your energy. The food that is recommended for you is the one with the high carbohydrate and protein. You can make a special place for the food in your bag. Well, if you have the portable stove, you can also bring it with you. You may cook the noodle in the middle of the journey.
    Another thing you need to prepare before going to mount Bromo tour is water. You need to drink a lot. Water can give your body energy so you can walk strongly. More than half of the human body, around 80% of it needs water. Thus, you need to drink as much as you can. It is recommended for you to bring a lot of water so you can stay energizing.

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